The Dusty Road to Austin

The road to Austin is a long one, longer than I always remember. Two time zones and about 1500 miles get you in the city limits.  We kept off the beaten path and hung close to the small towns and country highways. The days of family road trips are a thing of the past. Small towns that once loomed in the horizon are a direct reflection of what use to be. Tiny and charming as they may be, most are empty shells now of once thriving restaurants, theaters and road side motels built to accommodate weary travelers in between there destinations. So next time you plan a trip think about skipping out on the tin can in the sky. Instead pack a bag, throw it in the car and go and get lost in the lands of real people, real places and some of the most breath taking scenery you otherwise would have flown over.  Here is a small collection of Photos taken from our trip to Austin and back.