Oceti Sakowin

Sitting Bull said it best " As individual fingers we can easily be broken, but all together we make a mighty fist."  These images are of the Oceti Sakowin camp,  holding firm as the military and police prepared to enforce its evection on Feb 22nd. Impending forces loomed over the camp with weapons, armored vehicles, and violence. Facing arrest, injury even death at the hands of the federal government, the spirt of those who stayed couldn't be broken. Even though the camp has since been demolished, the spirt lives and fights on, so i implore you to take action! Support anyway you can, because this war is a fight for clear water, and together we can be the mighty fist hammering government to honor treaties and protect all people from corporate americas greed and dishonest tactics. 

No Ban No Wall

The No Ban, No Wall March on Senator Bob Corker's Office in Nashville was absolutely  amazing yesterday. Being a new resident to this great and welcoming city, I shouldn't have been surprised by the turn to stand against these unconstitutional acts by our newly elected dick-tator. Mayor Megan Barry gave a small speech but hearing Kasar Abdulla Bigdawidi story and speech was the most inspiring and moving part of the demonstration. Here are a collection of 35mm Photographs I captured during yesterdays march.  

Cause what a difference a little difference would make!

Where to start? How to start? In the beginning, right? Maybe the End? I guess it really doesn't matter much where i start because we all know how we got here. Washington D.C. January 21, 2017. Support it or not, you can not deny that this is how human beings should act, work, respect and support one another. It didn't matter where you came from, it only mattered that from there  you came. To stand next to another human being who stood by another human being who stood by another until we filled the place full. It didn't matter what your skin looked like, or the language you spoke or if you prayed to a god or not. What mattered is that you where there to be heard and stand up for what you believe in. That fire you felt, the one deep down,  the flames wanting to pour out, keep that, Carry that fire in your heart, fan it, stoke it, feed it, so that it grows, so that you can spark others who haven't yet felt it, warm them, invite them, show them that together we stand, divided we fall. 
Here are some images I shot while in D.C. 35mm Black And White. 



Lost River / Bowling Green Kentucky

I decided to brave the cold and head north about 65 miles of Nashville to the city of Bowling Green Kentucky. Here lies the Lost River Caves. A pretty amazing boat tour takes you into the belly of the caves where it is actually warmer than the cold winter air. This place was used by both the Confederate Army as well as the Union Army during the war a rest and watering hole, it soon became a mystical place due to the fact it swallowed up soldiers and horse drawn supply wagons never to be seen again. With a river flowing into the belly of the cave you could understand how it earned this legendary tale. It also served as a few mills in the early 1900's as well as a night club from the 30'-60's. If you ever get a chance to check these out its worth the 16 bucks! Here are some images i shot today while exploring. 

Red Meadow

A few months back I had the pleasure of camping in Red Meadow with some of the most thoughtful and amazing friends. The trip was for Rich's birthday and just weeks before it he was taken from us in a tragic motorcycle accident. Most people, when faced with something as devastating as losing a close friend withdrawal and reflect. We, we do not. We live, we thrive, we celebrate, because Rich is still with us and he wouldn't have it any other way. Thanks Rich and everyone else who made the Trip to Red Meadow so special. Rich Dodds forever!

East Bound And Down

It isn't easy, packing up what little belongings you didn't sell off, checking the fluids in your van and saying farewell to a place you once called home for almost a decade. On the flip side of that coin lies the face of new beginnings, new environments, new people and new adventures. The images below are a glimpse into the journey i set off on exactly a month ago. A few friends, a few thousand miles and the undying urge to tackle a new beginning. 

Where the Pines Meet meet the Swells

The pacific northwest is a special place, i have always had my eyes on it but it wasn't till this summer i got the chance to really go and explore what it has to offer. My words could do no justice. Here is a collection of 35mm photographs i shot on my travels.


He told me we were safe. That I could fall and he would catch me.  He told me all my dreams would come true, that I would never feel blue… In the valley.

He Lied.  

New story and creative collaboration with Ms. Jenna. for Wild For Luca

Fucking Catalina Wine Mixer

We had did a little birthday trip for Shawn and Jennas birthday from Sun-Tuesday to Catalina Island. We set off on the fairy and in a little over an hour we where in a whole new place. Catalina is a pretty magical spot, if you live in So Cal and have never been i highly recommended it. Here are some 35mm shots i took while we roamed around the Island. 


I went with my 35mm camera today to LAPD Headquarters to photograph and stand by #blacklivesmatter It was one of the most moving and real things i have done in a long time. If you haven't gone out to support or stand up against what is happening then i urge you to do so. Im not so good with words so id rather you look through these image and feel the passion that i felt today!


My latest shoot involved working with one of my favorite people. Jenna is a great friend, great stylist and top notch blogger. When we discussed shooting some trashy 80's wet dream fantasy i had as a teenager she was stoked to get down and dirty and make the shoot look authentic. Here is a collection from the 35mm story we did. also visit WILD FOR LUCA to see more great stuff. 


There are only a few things in this life that get me more stoked than ever. One of them happens to be good friend Bummer California Birthday. He takes it pretty serious and with good reason, its April Fools day. Every year Mr. Marlow puts together a birthday that seems like there is no possible way to out do the year before,  and every year he tops it. This year Big Sur and camp Bummer was in full swing. Here are a collection of 35mm shots i took while on this adventure. Thanks again Keith you are one of my favorite humans on this planet!

SPB 25Yrs

Every year for the last 25yrs on Easter Weekend  a band of brothers migrates to a different city to raise hell and leave the city smoldering in flames. Its a tight knit group and i am proud to be a part of it. Skateboarding was the common thread that wove the blanket of Dons that now covers the globe. Its rare to have such a close group, and i never take it for granted. Here are some Images I shot in Denver for the 25th reunion.

The Dusty Road to Austin

The road to Austin is a long one, longer than I always remember. Two time zones and about 1500 miles get you in the city limits.  We kept off the beaten path and hung close to the small towns and country highways. The days of family road trips are a thing of the past. Small towns that once loomed in the horizon are a direct reflection of what use to be. Tiny and charming as they may be, most are empty shells now of once thriving restaurants, theaters and road side motels built to accommodate weary travelers in between there destinations. So next time you plan a trip think about skipping out on the tin can in the sky. Instead pack a bag, throw it in the car and go and get lost in the lands of real people, real places and some of the most breath taking scenery you otherwise would have flown over.  Here is a small collection of Photos taken from our trip to Austin and back.